Stop Being Someone You Are Not in Your Business!

There is so much noise out there, now more than ever. Everyone is trying to get your attention, everyone is trying to sell you something…..especially here on LinkedIn. As soon as you make a connection with someone, bing, you get a message from them telling you how they found the perfect way to gain clients online without ads, or that they lead a group you might be interested in or maybe they want to connect because they think you are an amazing business expert in your space and they want to help you gain more exposure.

No matter what the pitch is, it’s an attempt to gain your attention. Now, I am not saying there is anything wrong with that. I have done it before myself, but I quickly discovered that I was fighting an endless game of “squirrel”. And some of these products and services are amazing! They provide value, but what it also does it makes those entrepreneurs who are still seeking clarity and still creating their structure think they should follow a cookie cutter business strategy and then they will be all good.

In reality that is not the case, when you constantly look outside yourself and your business, trying to be someone you are not, you won’t make it. You will feel exhausted, resistant to the actions you need to take to move forward and disconnected from your purpose.

The solution is simple…Just Be You!!!

Here are the ways you can make your mark and claim your stake in business. Start with:

Dong what feels good to you. Follow the next better feeling place and only follow alignment.
Give yourself permission to be fully YOU, let who you are shine though your business in every department.
Embrace your strengths, gifts and talents and make peace with your weaknesses and deficiencies. And then share yourself.
Make your business your own, not someone else’s. Create what you want and what works for you.
Allow yourself to be seen even though you are afraid, ie. be Courageous. Take inspired action.
The more awareness you put on the steps above, the closer you will get to a business you love and far away from the “squirrel” effect.

When I was pivoting and creating a business I truly loved, I took all that I learned from many the many people I hired and created something that felt good to me, that I was aligned with and that highlighted my gifts and talents and was unique to me. This created a win win for my clients, because when I was in my genius, sharing what I did best helping others, I cannot not be successful. And this I knew in my bones. The key is to have the foresight to allow yourself to shine through and allow those who resonate with you come find you.

Now, years later, I firmly believe that my success is due to the reflection of who I am in my business and the alignment I constantly seek in everything I do. Now it’s your turn! If I can do it, you can too! Just be YOU!

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