“Everything is an inner conversation away! Success, money, love, peace, joy, connection, intimacy, resolution. It all lies in how we handle things, our emotional state dictates that. Emotional Intelligence is at the foundation of high performance, success and income potential.” 
– Micaela Passeri

Life and business has it’s ups and downs, and in the ups and the downs it sometimes gets messy….. the key is to know how to ride the wave.  Riding the wave with acceptance, peace, love, surrender, joy is the secret.

There, I said it.  You don’t have to scroll down the page to find out the punch line. No long lead page or questions to ponder on.  No waiting 1 hour to view the whole webinar to get to the thing you wanted to find out.

No hook, no tease.

The secret is out, the secret to living a succesful, fulfilled and joyful life is all about how you ride the wave of life and success.

So what now?  Now that we know the secret of life and success, why can’t we get there?  Why can’t we have success in our business and live a life fulfilled, joyful and complete?

Emotions dictate everything we do.
They dictate our thoughts, which dictate our feelings, which dictate our decisions, which dictate our actions which in turn dictate our results and our results are what dictate how big or small our bottom line is.
Mastering Emotions = Mastering Your Bottom Line.

A study at Harvard University showed that 95% of successful business owners have a high Emotional Intelligence (EQ). Emotions are energy and they dictate our attraction point and the actions we take on the way to our goals. Emotional Intelligence is driven by the emotional vibration held in the subconscious related to the past negative emotional experiences. The more hooked into our negative emotions, the lower the vibration. The heavier the vibration, the lower the EQ.

The more disconnected from our past negative emotional experiences, the higher the vibration.

The higher the vibration, the higher the EQ and Income Potential!

I have been diligently redefining how we look at SUCCESS.

Through my study and research, I have found that EMOTIONS are the directors of our lives, and only by identifying, understanding, managing, and responding to our emotions can we truly create the life of our own choosing and reach the success we envision.

That’s why I do the work that I do! as I have experience firsthand the dibelitating effect that emotions can have on your life and on your income.

Science, and specifically Quantum Physics, has shown us that we are energy and for that we are frequency.

There are low vibrating and high, vibrating frequencies. And yes, you guessed it, the lower ones weigh us down and the higher ones lift us up! The point at which everything changes from negative to positive is at the level of #COURAGE.

Courage is where you step into possibility and you open yourself up for #MORE.


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“95% of successful business owners have a high Emotional Intelligence.”

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