Written Testimonials

I am so grateful I took advantage of receiving Micaela's gifts. I did a Zoom session with her last week and felt the benefits immediately. I was able to tap into some past blocks that I had no idea were still there until we did the work. I am excited to continue working with such a wonderful patient, aware and knowledgeable healer. I highly recommend working with this goddess.

Elizabeth Olive

Micaela’s approach to helping her clients manifest their ideal life style and to create in their own image and likeness is very unique and brilliant. She has facilitated my life progress, and has helped me immensely to understand and clarify what is happening in my life. She has helped me understand my emotional attachments to unnecessary past life experiences and helped me free myself from those attachments, so I do not repeat them again. Micaela, is very talented, capable, reliable, trustworthy, and caring. I am thankful for the support she has provided in my life.

Farzaneh Bibian

I had an Emotion Code session with Micaela as part of my birthday present to myself! The session was very straight forward, clear and helpful. It brought up a few deep issues that I had hidden away and really cleared them out! I have felt more open-hearted and less impatient since my session with Micaela. Thank you for your wonderful work!!

Bonnie LaVallo

I came to see Micaela and didn't quite know what to expect..and I am so happy I did! She is wonderful, intuitive, knowledgeable and compassionate, she really knows how to focus and isolate the work that needs to be addressed and done. I look forward to working with her and my journey to living my BEST life! Thank you Micaela!

Michelle Katz

It is obvious that Micaela is very committed to helping her clients. She is very present and caring. Micaela is an excellent coach and facilitator. When working in the subtle realms, it can be difficult to assess the results of a session. If you are open and receptive to change and are ready to try something very unique, I would suggest you explore what she has to offer.

Carla Cohen