Love You Revolution was an opportunity for me to tap into my inner “Fashionista”. I own several pieces of the line & women as well as a few good men have given me the most wonderful compliments. If there ever was a time where we needed to be surrounded with positive messages & relentless optimism. Now is the Time…

Every woman in the world should wear a “I Love Who I Am” Designer T!

Ungenita Prevost

“I’m a huge fan of Love You Revolution clothes especially the pants!  Every time I wear my black Yoga pants or white “Love” sweats I ALWAYS get compliments.

In my opinion, every girl, at minimum, needs a pair of the black Yoga pants! They are SUPER flattering, SO comfortable, and look GREAT on all body types! And you don’t need to wear them for Yoga, you can wear them anywhere!

With love –

Diane Polnow

Unique style, great quality, fashion with a message and a pleasure to work with is how I would describe our experience with Love You Revolution.

We’ve had the pleasure of having them design a company t-shirt with a positive customized message and had a percentage of the proceeds go towards empowering disadvantaged teens in Brazil.

What more could you ask for, without Micaela from Love You Revolution, it may not have been possible.

We thank You!

Desiree Doubrox

Thank you for your Love You Revolution designs.  They are so beautiful.  I love the fit of my jogging outfits.  The quality is so nice and soft.  The pants make my bottom look really good too.  I feel that this line, with your Italian touch which is so refreshing and new, along with your great heart for giving to the needs of others, makes you a very special individual. Micaela, I love all of your clothes and speaking as a fashion designer.  I do love style and you have it.  Looking forward to more awesome designs from you Micaela.


Van Jewell

I wanted to let you know I love my t-shirt and I am very excited to wear it!  Also, I wanted to thank Arabella for her beautiful card she made me.  I love that too!


Stephanie Radkay

“Your shirt was a hit…I wore it twice already this week (shhhh, don’t tell):)  It is a perfect blend of function and sexiness, but I wouldn’t expect anything less from your line.  I need to add more of your pieces to my closet and I will be sending some people your way so they can get their own Love You Revolution original instead of eyeing mine”.

Linda Okwor

Be Well, Live Well

I received one of Micaela’s Bubola Love shirts in a gift bag after meeting her at An Empowered Woman. I thought the design was really cute and the shirt was stylish, so one day when heading out for some meetings I decided to try it on. I thought it looked good, but then started feeling a bit “intimidated” to wear a shirt with the message saying “I love who I am.” I struggled with embarrassment and worry that people would think I was stuck-up and all sorts of other uncomfortable feelings. But as I was still getting ready for the day it hit me – that ‘inner voice’ from the Lord – “Why do you feel uncomfortable wearing a shirt about love? About accepting and loving yourself?” So I sat down to analyze this for a moment and realized a whole lot more was going on in my head and heart than embarrassment…see, I am in recovery from a very painful divorce and was a victim of a huge betrayal from the “love of my life.” My self-esteem was pretty tarnished and still hasn’t recovered fully. So this shirt challenged me to be willing to make quite a bold statement! And through it God Himself challenged me to look deeper and wear it not with an “uppity pride” but with confidence and security…and love for myself. So I wore it all day and pushed passed all those feelings! One of my favorite scriptures is, “Love your neighbor as yourself (Matt. 22: 39).” But if you don’t love yourself….how can you love your neighbor?

Christina Forrester

YES! I LOVE my new light long sleeved boat neck top I bought from you. I like the comfortable material. I wore it all day Saturday without a cami!

Thank you 😀

Diane Paulson-Roth

I just wanted to let you know that I bought a top (Love is Sexy) from you at the Women As Healers/Leaders in Denver. I finally got around to wearing it. I must say, mid day I felt as if the words and letters had literally crept into my body. Amazing! I felt deep profound love. Thank You!


Martha Spano, Psy.D.

Amy, my daughter just loved the tee and said it came at the right time.

Much Love back to you,

Jamie Wald

Thanks for creating such a beautiful piece… Self love is one of the greatest loves of all. Many females stand in silence and suffer violence daily. I purchased this shirt to represent those women. I support women empowerment. If you love who you are purchase this shirt by standing strong and sharing this message with the world.

Yondel Benjamin

I had the most restful day ever! But now I can’t sleep. I was thinking of my new friend Micaela Bubola Passeri and her LOVE YOU REVOLUTION! You can find and like her page right here on facebook! 
When I was feeling totally down and at the end of my rope after being assaulted last December – Micaela sent me one of her T-Shirts that says “I Love Who I Am”. I am actually wearing it now with my favorite pj bottom boxers.
When I first got the shirt I was touched beyond belief and thought it was the sweetest thing ever. It took me 2 days to wear it, and another week to wear it out in public. Yes Clothes can make a difference. The messages we wear can make a difference. This shirt made a difference for me.
I had to stop and acknowledge that although things were happening TO me, and around me, they were not me, and they did not define who I am as a person. Then I was able to acknowledge that “I AM” and I matter and that yes I DO Love who I am. I am a woman filled with integrity and strength and guts and courage – I have lived life and not shied away from much, I have taken risks and had so much love in my life, I can schlep with style and I have grace even when under fire, I am a good, kind, loving person with some amazing talents. I have friends I have had for over 40 years. I have made a difference in my life and in the lives of others. I am a survivor who has learned more in the school of life than I ever learned in 2 careers or in college. I do LOVE who I am. I am in the middle of the end of a rough patch right now, that is all. It does not have to define me, and I won’t allow it to define me. Because I am worth more than that.

Thanks Micaela for your Love You Revolution and for the timely deliverance of a shirt that helped me recognize again just who I am and how good it is to be me. The good days of being me far outweigh any outside negative influences! ♥ ♥

Meredith Wood

Finally…..I was skyping with Lindsay last night and I noticed she had your t-shirt on :-)
I asked her if it was the one you had sent and she said it was and that she really liked it. She may send you some feedback when she has some time.

Hope all is good with you and I look forward to getting back in touch when the time is right.

Warmest regrads,


I completely adore your inspiring Newsletter and girly fashions!

I’ll continue spreading the word about your gorgeous fashions!

I work as a Merchandiser at Macys, so I recognize a great Designer when I see one!  🙂

Thank you for all the hard work you put in!

Love Always,

Elle Briarson

I have been wearing the I Love Who I Am T-shirt consistently this past week and I feel great! It’s like wearing a badge of honor.  I makes me feel like I am good enough, knowing I am confident and exuding that for other women to see and take on makes me feel good about myself.  I feel like I ready to take on the world!

Mary Ann Martinez

© Love you revolution