Being able to raise your Emotional Vibration and Emotional Intelligence, which is the degree to which you manage your emotions, is at the basis of this practice and is the foundation for personal and professional success.

- Micaela Passeri

MICAELA PASSERI is an Award Winning Emotional Intelligence Business Strategist, Coach, International Speaker, Author and Community Leader with over 20 years of experience building 6 and 7 figure businesses.

With result-focused income generating strategies, Micaela puts her two business degrees, experience and many certifications to use by helping entrepreneurs and business owners make more, feel fulfilled and experience personal freedom.  

Micaela firmly believes that business success is directly tied to an individual’s ability to free themselves from the emotional ties of the past.  Their emotional intelligence level and their ability to manage their emotions in all areas of life is the predictor of their income, success and expansion.  The number one emotion she has found that gets in the way the most is F.E.A.R. When working with her clients, she bridges the emotional gap between stagnation and prosperity with result driven revenue, efficiency, productivity strategies while working with the business owner in transforming their fears and blocks into courage and opportunity.

Understanding that emotionality affects one’s bottom line, Micaela developed a unique technique of marrying business implementation, planning and strategy with emotional subconscious programming around money and success, which are the driving factors for results.

Her work has helped hundreds of clients increase revenue, increase efficiency and productivity, implement viable strategies, boost self-confidence, tap into inner wisdom, banish anxiety, demotivation and crippled momentum, cure business stagnation and shatter their income ceiling.

As a leader in her community, Micaela also runs a women’s business empowerment group called Global Woman Club both in Los Angeles and Florence, Italy with the intention to create a place for women to elevate themselves through powerful professional connections.

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I envision a world where people are strong, they believe in themselves, they know who they are and what they want, love unabashedly, are firm in their decisions, are so secure in themselves that they lovingly demand respect and stand up for what they believe in without fear of what others will think.

They know they deserve abundance, success. That is why they run succesful businesses, feel fulfilled and are free to live the life of new choosing.

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“95% of successful business owners have a high Emotional Intelligence.”

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