Who's That Girl?

Do you remember that song by Madonna….Who’s that girl?….Who’s that girl? It rings in my head as I sit here writing this post. I want to talk about that voice inside that keeps talking and talking and talking! Sometimes it never ends!

Who is that girl that is constantly chatting up a negative storm inside your head? Do you recognize her? Does she sound familiar? We hear her talk so much that sometimes we believe what she says is true, but if we really sit and think, is she telling the truth? Is she talking to you from a place of fact or FEAR (False Evidence Appearing Real)?

You see at the core we are animals and as such we operate from that part of the brain, the limbic brain, that controls the fight or flight response, so as an animals when something unknown shows up we immediately respond from FEAR triggered by the limbic brain. But if FEAR (in a non threatening situation) is only False Evidence Appearing Real, meaning we think there is a threat, but there really isn’t, then when that girl inside is talking smack at you from that false evidence she is only blowing smoke. Can you really believe her?

Can you give much weight to what she is telling you when she says “I am not capable“, “That will never happen for me!“, “Who am I to think I can accomplish that!“, “I don’t have enough (fill in the blank)”, “I don’t know enough“…. But are these statements based on reality? Or are they just a flight or fight response from feeling scared and afraid?

So yes maybe when you were little there were some things you did you got scolded for or punished, but since then have you more than enough made up for those mistakes? See, it is really all about perspective and using positive thinking to fuel your tank to dial that girl’s chattering down. If you start looking at the girl inside who is talking to you on a daily basis you will see she is only a small part of who you truly are and discovering who you are to the core is the only antidote for shutting that girl up!

Enjoy this day through conscious thinking!

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