Life has it’s ups and downs, and in the ups and the downs it sometimes gets messy….. the key is to know how to ride the wave.  Riding the wave with acceptance, peace, love, surrender, joy is the secret.

There, I said it.  You don’t have to scroll down the page to find out the punch line. No long lead page or questions to ponder on.  No waiting 1 hour to view the whole webinar to get to the thing you wanted to find out.

No hook, no tease.

The secret is out, the secret to living a life fulfilled, joyful and complete….its all about how you ride the wave of life.

So what now?  Now that we know the secret of life, why can’t we get there?  Why can’t we live a life fulfilled, joyful and complete?

What gets in the way?
What stops us?

Trapped Emotions
Unresolved Childhood Trauma
Disconnection from the Heart
Negative Thought Patterns
Active Self-Critic
Limiting Beliefs
Illusion of the Self
Separation from Love
and the list goes on…..

What can we do about it?

Dive deep within ourselves, look at who we have become, the masks we wear to perform in the world, peel the onion layers…….

There is a lot of information out there…..  If you are here, you are looking for answers, support, guidance.  You are looking to free yourself, liberate your Soul from the constraints of your conditioning, live a life inspired ……

I envision a world where women are strong, they believe in themselves,

they know who they are and what they want, they love unabashedly, yet are firm in their decisions.  They are so secure in themselves that they lovingly demand respect and stand up for what they believe without fear on what others will think and because they know they deserve it.
I want to be the voice of your heart and lead you to do the same. I are motivated by Joy, Love and Happiness and make conscious choices that reflect those values.

This is what I can help with:

Remember who you are
connect to your inner power
see your value and gifts
feel good about yourself
quiet critical mind/inner critic
mastering inner dialog
re-frame self image
shift self-talk to positive
live in possibility instead of limitation
dissolve limiting beliefs
reprogram subconscious mind
feel a sense of peace and calm
build stronger conversations
build confidence and inner strength
empower yourself to create the life you want
empower yourself to go for what you want
see your humanity
connect with your vulnerability
communicate better and clearly
put yourself first
set healthy boundaries
build healthy discernment

All so you can have the relationship you so crave, make the money you deserve and finally be happy!

How I Deliver:

How I deliver:
3 month, 6 month, 1 year programs with:
-2 45 mins sessions per week
-5 custom affirmations in 5 areas of life + Truth Affirmation
Customized program
Unlimited email access
1 15 min Support Call each week
Modalities used:
Emotion Code

EMotional-Baggage AFTER

Contact Me

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4325 Glencoe Ave #12784
Marina Del Rey CA 90295

“95% of successful business owners have a high Emotional Intelligence.”


4325 Glencoe Ave #12784
Marina Del Rey CA 90295

“95% of successful business owners have a high Emotional Intelligence.”

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