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If you are considering coaching you have come to the right place!
Coaching is not for everyone, but it is for you if are on an instrospective journey to discover how to be a better version of yourself.  Whether it is in your relationship, work, social, health areas of life, we all could use an upgrade no matter where on your journey you are!
If you need support in the following areas, I can help you:
quiet critical mind/inner critic
mastering inner dialog
reframe self image
shift self-talk to positive
live in possibility instead of limitation
dissolve limiting beliefs
reprogram subconscious mind with positive beliefs
feel a sense of peace and calm
build stronger relationships
build confidence and inner strength
empower yourself to create the life you want
empower yourself to go for what you want
connect with their vulnerability
communicate better and clearly
put yourself first
set healthy boundaries
build healthy discernment
Change does not happen overnight, it takes time.  When working together we will create goals and specific attainable results with deadlines and time frames.  I will support you on creating not only the mind shifts that need to happen to achieve those goals, but also give you the tools to continue on the path even after we are done working together.
We can work together for 3 months or for 6 months and the way we would work together is:
2 sessions per week (1 45 mins, 1 15 mins session)
Unlimited email access
Access to 6 Week Calls
Form and Tips Sheets
Access to in person events
If this speaks to you, please go to my calendar and book a Mindset Reset Session so we can see if we are a good fit!

Breakthrough Session

A breakthrough session is a 6-8 hour session delivered in 1 day with the intention to have the client have breakthroughs in the areas of life he/she is seeking.  The day has a process the client will be taken through, deep interpersonal work, mental exercises, release work and energetic healing are all part of that process.
The Breakthrough session is different for each client and is customized based on the clients needs therefore there is no cookie cutter formula to describe.  However, what can be described are the modalities used during the session:
a. NLP
b. Emotion Code
c. Tapping
d. Visualization
e. Soul Writing
f.  Experiential exercises (custom to client)
g. MER (Mental Emotional Release)
If you feel that there is something brewing, willing itself to come forth and release, the breakthrough session is a way to get to the core issue and break free.

You can book your session here:

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Breakthrough Session, 3-month program, 6-month program


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