Life is a Healing Journey!

In case some of you have noticed, it has been a few weeks since I last posted to my Blog.  I have been traveling back and forth to Mexico to visit my sick Aunt at a cancer treatment center where they help patients detox and heal from the inside out as well as use avant-garde treatments that fight and stop the cancer from progressing.  The place is amazing, overlooking the Pacific Ocean, a heaven for patients on an intense healing journey.

So I have been really feeling the fragility of life.  Healing is really what life is about.  We are born and immediately start being conditioned by our environment, experiences, culture and opinions of those around us, but that is not necessarily who we are, truly.

Healing is a discovery journey of who we really are underneath all the “stuff” we have collected from our life and that we have made our own, but is not ours.  We are told to be a certain way by our parents based on their own view of life and society; we put up walls after being hurt by a loved one; we are bombarded by society and the media with how perfect we should look; we make up ideas of who we are because someone told us that is who we are…..and the list can go on and on……

So how do we start to unravel all of this?  All we want to do as human beings is to feel safe, love and be happy.  Getting to that place is the juice of life.  When my Aunt Tricia called me last year to tell me she had cancer again, her first words were “I have done a real number on myself”.

She knew at a deep level that ultimately she had at some level been responsible for her journey.  Born with Cerebral Palsy, Aunt Tricia lived her whole life knowing she was not like everyone else.  She knew she could not live life like everyone else, she had a challenged body and with that came ideas, emotions, feelings about herself that were not necessarily hers, but that she took on and lived out in her life.  Yet, she created an independent life for herself, surrounded herself with a supportive community and chose to do things that made her heart sing like becoming a Deacon in the Episcopalian Church living out her spiritual live.

Aunt Tricia, just like any of us, made stuff up about who she was and was not, she experienced life from a different perspective than most of us.  And because of that she too gave a lot of herself away, and a part from following her spirituality, she did not give much to herself.  The journey to Mexico was the biggest gift she could give herself.  It was the gift of healing.  No matter at what point in life we start our healing journey, it allows us to experience life at a deeper level and with so much more kindness and compassion for ourselves.

Aunt Tricia is an inspiration to live life to the fullest no matter what your circumstances are.  She is a fighter, she is still fighting, a stand for never giving up.  She is proof that healing comes from within and that we are the only ones who can start that journey at any moment.

If only the world would look at life the way she does, maybe we would see how amazingly blessed we are to be alive and have all we do in our lives each and every day that that inner joy would gush out and envelope every one around us!

To Aunt Tricia,

Keep going, keep fighting, keep beating to your own drum.

May you all be blessed in health, love and happiness!

MICAELA PASSERI is an Intuitive Mindset Coach who is committed to breaking the cycle of negative self-talk and dis-empowering inner dialog. She helps her clients learn to quiet the self-critic and resolve issues such as low self-confidence, inner conflict, anxiety, fears, procrastination, limiting beliefs and business stagnation. Micaela helps women on a soulful journey discover their inner voice, master their inner critic and step into the women they know they are meant to be all the while loving themselves deeply.

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