Lessons from My Daughter on Mother's Day

This past Mother’s Day was a bit hard for me. Either because I was PMSing or because I had not made any real plans, but I felt a little blah about it.

I wanted to celebrate it with my 13 year old daughter and spend some quality time with her, but this overwhelming feeling of unhappiness over took me for most of the day and she could feel it. As the day went on I became more and more shut down and ultimately blammed my daughter for not doing something special for me. Well, she did sew me a silk pillow and wish me Happy Mother’s Day, but that day I felt it was not enough for me. What was this about?

I had been triggered. The day before I had an experience with a friend that left me feeling taken advantage of and it took me by surprise. So what was underneath my feeling of not enough was the fact that I was really feeling used by someone and it was reflecting in my mood and my relationship with my daughhter. Not good! It was really about my own feeling of inadequacy. Not being adequate for my own expectations, for my daughter, my business, my man. I just did not feel the outside world was giving me enough evidence I was enough!

But then, as I came back to my senses, I knew that it was not about getting validation from the outside world. My daughter does not need to show me appreciation in order for me to know the vaue I bring to her life. My man does not need to call me all the time in order for me to know the joy I bring to his life. My bank account does not need to have millions of dollars in it in order for me to know that I am a success!

It is all already inside of me! My value comes from within, from my gifts, talents, skills and love I bring forth every day! I am enough because I know who I am and what I have to offer. I have to laugh sometime at being a human being. We can get so caught up in the emotions that we don’t think straight. When that happens, do what I did over the weekend:

1. Experience your experience

2. Feel your feelings

3. Ask “What is this REALLY about?”

4. Acknowledge where you are at from a loving place

5. From this new awareness, let it all go

6. Make a new choice

We already know and have all we need, sometimes, we just need a reminder!


MICAELA PASSERI is an Intuitive Mindset Coach who is committed to breaking the cycle of negative self-talk and dis-empowering inner dialog. She helps her clients learn to quiet the self-critic and resolve issues such as low self-confidence, inner conflict, anxiety, fears, procrastination, limiting beliefs and business stagnation. Micaela helps women on a soulful journey discover their inner voice, master their inner critic and step into the women they know they are meant to be all the while loving themselves deeply.

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