If I Could Just Have an Off Switch in My Head!
Have you ever thought to your self “If I could just turn my mind off!”?  Mainly that part of your mind that is constantly chatting at you in a negative and dis-empowering way telling you things aren’t possible, you will never find a man, never get that promotion, you couldn’t possibly start your own business or speak in front of an audience, etc, etc ,etc.  It’s that part of you that holds you back, has you procrastinate, won’t make a decision already and just takes leisurely time to achieve goals.

It’s that darn Self-Critic!  I write it in caps because it plays a very important role in our daily lives and it needs to be acknowledged.  Most of us don’t want to admit it and continue to go on living our lives pretending all is fine, but deep down we see we are creating the same patterns, getting the same mediocre results and just not getting to where we want fast enough.  The Self-Critics talks us out of things, makes us feel less than and is constantly criticizing, it just never stops!

Let me tell you right now, it will NEVER stop and we cannot just turn a switch and make it go away.  It is part of our defense system, our fight or flight, but what can be done is dial it down and calm it so it is not ruling our lives anymore!

One of the mind hacks I learned when I first started working on my Self-Critic is observing my thoughts.  Just like a move screen, when I noticed I was having a negative or dis-empowering thought, I would take a moment and just observe the thought passing through my mind.  I would literally imagine a movie screen and that thought being displayed on the screen.  When I did that, it was as if the thought was no longer mine, I had taken it out of my mind and placed it on a screen outside of it and as I kept observing my thoughts, without judgment is the key, I kept noticing that I had more control over the way I felt and over my thoughts themselves.

You see, our Self-Critic is made from all the conditioning, limiting beliefs and ideas taken on as children and when we get triggered or scared, the Self-Critic activates to keep us safe.  With practice you can start undoing those limiting beliefs and old conditioning by just taking the time to observe your thoughts.

Try it out this week and comment below with your experience!

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