Feeling Stuck?  It's a GOOD thing!

We are trained to think that it is a bad thing, being stuck, but in reality it’s a GOOD thing!

Well, how can that be, you might think.   When we feeling stuck in any area of life, financial, relationships, health, work, all it means is that we are ready for the next evolution in our life.  Life is calling us to be more, to step into the higher version of ourselves.   Feeling stuck is a way for us to know we get to take a step, make a different decision, change a perspective.

These are the 3 things I do when I am stuck:

1.  I go to the beach and meditate.  If you don’t have a beach near you, go to a place that inspires you, that is peaceful to you where you can sit for 20-40 minutes and just BE, breathing slowly, asking the Universe, God or whomever you pray to, to show you your next step.
2.  I ask myself the questions: What am I not seeing that is trying to reveal itself?  Then I listen for an answer.  It might come as a thought, an image, a comment by someone, but I always get an answer.  It is up to us to stay open to hearing it
3. I also ask myself “What would Love do?”.  If I am feeling really triggered and in a stuck place it is usually because there is an underlying fear and when we make decisions from fear we are coming from a place of lack and limitation, but what would love do?  Love would choose from a place of more life, more abundance, more everything.  So when I bring my awareness to making decisions and taking the next steps from a place of love and more life, the answer is always far from that triggered, frustrated, stuck place.

Feeling stuck is just an opportunity to expand.  If you change your perspective and see it as an opportunity to show up differently in your life, you can’t but get unstuck!

Micaela Passeri is an Intuitive Mindset Coach and Fashion Designer. The Author of “Your Itty Bitty Affirmations Book” and Designer of the inspirational clothing line Love You Revolution, she uses positive thinking and words to empower women with self-confidence and creates profound life shifts for those on a soulful self-discovery journey.  To book Micaela to speak or to work with her, please email info@loveyourevolution.com.



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