noun: affirmation; plural noun: affirmations
1. the action or process of affirming something or being affirmed.
          Declaration, statement, assertion, proclamation, pronouncement, attestation,
          oath, arowal, guarantee, pledge, deposition;
2emotional support or encouragement.

“Affirmations…….Do they work?  Can they really help?

Well, they are a debated issue.  Some say they are useless and others say they really work!  So who do we believe?

I used to be a skeptic, I believed affirmations were a waste of my time and silly, really.  But as I used them more and truly mastered how to craft an affirmation that I could resonate with, the more I experienced their positive effects in my life.

I now use positive messages, otherwise known as affirmations on a daily basis to keep my mindset clear and my intention focused. Affirmations have been used for centuries by powerful people who swear by them, yet many use them and feel they don’t work.  So what is the secret?  What has some people so ecstatic about the effects of affirmations and some yell blasphemy? It is the way in which one writes the affirmations and what they are written about; how connected one is with the affirmation and what emotions it bring up.”

In my upcoming book “Your Itty Bitty Affirmations Book: 15 Ways to Make Empowering Messages Work for You!” I tell you how you can write effective affirmations and have them bring huge rewards in your life.  Order your copy below!

The reason why I created affirmation clothing, mainly affirmation t-shirts, is so that you could surround yourself with positive messages intentionally and use that inspiration to shift your inner conversations and inner dialog.

I have created a coaching program where we simply facilitate your true self and love to come to surface. It is a deep dive into undoing years of conditioning and opening up space for your truth to come forth. It is already there, you already know, we just help you own it!  Using affirmations and affirmation clothing will support to quiet your self-critic and keep you connected to your more empowered higher self.

Create Your Power Affirmation

This affirmation will :

  • Reprogram a limiting belief in your most important area of life
  • Provide relief from the negative thought pattern
  • Free you from the constraints of the self-critic

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Create 5 Powerful Affirmations

Why 5 affirmations ?

One for each area of life :

  • Financial
  • Relationships
  • Health
  • Mental/Emotional
  • Spiritual

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Emotional Support or Encouragement

Affirmations…….Do they work? Can they really help
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